implanting with choi pen

Choi Pen Technique  also known as DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is the process of placing the hair follicles taken from the donor area with the help of special needles (implanters) in the less-dense area. FUE is the first method that comes to mind when it comes to hair transplantation with DHI, but there are a few noteworthy differences  using Choi Pen in FUE method.   Unlike the classic FUE, the DHI technique allows hair transplantation without shaving. Since the hair follicles are transplanted within 1-2 minutes after taking them from the donor area, in Choi technique,  the hair follicles are not allowed to wait outside the body. It enables more intensive implanting.

What is Choi Pen (DHI) Technique?

The choi pen (DHI) is a technique that is similar to the classic FUE but differs in various factors. Choi Pen (DHI) technique is performed in the serenity of our Cyprus Hair under local anesthesia. Hair follicles (grafts) collected in a hair transplant operation performed with the Choi implanter pen are placed one by one into the pen. This placement is performed very carefully by the specialist. During the DHI procedure, each hair follicle is collected finely and is directly transplanted to the recipient  area.

Advantages of DHI Technique

DHI technique offers various advantages according to the expert doctors. Some of the advantages that are highlighted may be stated that the DHI technique minimizes the time of hair follicles being outside the tissue and thus provides a healthier transplantation. Another example of this technique is that the hair roots have a higher survival rate. The fact that it minimizes the risk of bleeding as much as possible due to the low incision areas makes the DHI technique more beneficial than other techniques. The choi pen technique provides a faster recovery time and gives the patient the opportunity to get back to the daily life as soon as possible. In this method, unshaved hair transplantation can be done more easily, so the patient does not have to shave his/her hair.