doctor is checking patient hair

In order to achieve a good hair transplant result with natural hairlines, the transplant should be undetectable to anyone including hair transplantation surgeons. There are various reasons for a hair transplant to look unnatural and require a corrective hair surgery. The need of a corrective hair surgery can be as a result of the poor technique or low technology used during the first transplant procedure. In addition to the surgical failures, genetic aspects such as the progression of hair loss may be the reason for a correction hair surgery. In some cases, the transplanted area looks unnatural and the donor area has been left with scars and the lack of density occurs. Thanks to the corrective hair surgery, it is possible to provide natural hair adding style to your appearance. Cyprus Hair uses the newest technology with high-quality equipments in order to accomplish a satisfying hair restoration result. Our impassionate team is here to provide you the best hair correction service to get your smile back.

FUT Scar Revision with FUE

In corrective hair surgery, there are many ways with which a scar can be eliminated. Anyone who wants to gain self-confidence and a stylish appearance by the restoration of scars can benefit from the new technologies used by Cyprus Hair. As an excellent option, we offer  you the scar repair surgery for concealing the appearance of scars and their restoration.  Advanced scar repair treatments with the FUE technique that resolves disturbing issues of visible scars left from the formerly applied FUT technique hair transplants are performed under the supervision of expert surgeons in our institution.

How is Scar Repair Performed?

The scar repair procedure is planned according to the depth, size, and intensity of the scar. Either a surgical or a non-surgical scar repair can be performed. Sometimes a combination is needed depending on the condition of the scar and the instructions of the experienced surgeon. Our  professional surgeons will evaluate and assess the scars, make the necessary tests and eliminate the scar that is left from hair restoration.