female hair transplant before after

Hair loss can be seen in both men and women. The causes of the need for female transplant may be various such as stress, pregnancy, medication or some other temporal diseases. Gradual hair loss is also mostly related to ageing, or even as a result of genetic patterns in the family. Before making the decision for a hair transplant surgery, an expert’s assessment is always beneficial in all of these cases in order to take the best decision for an appropriate and treatment option for the patient. If the recommended solution of the experienced surgeon is the hair transplant, the best choice will always be a female hair transplant surgery performed in Cyprus Hair that includes the high quality medical and low cost services for perfectly resulting hair transplant operations. The restoration procedure of female hair implant operations has a high rate of success with women suffering from hair loss, and a majority of women get very satisfying results.

Female Hair Transplant Procedure

The FUE technique is used in the female hair transplant surgery performed by our dedicated surgeons. In the FUE technique the hair follicles are taken individually from the donor area and are transplanted to the less-dense areas with the help of newest technology tools. Special tools personalized for women’s thin hair strands are used in the implantation and extraction. If you suffer from hair loss and thinning problems and you want to undergo a female hair transplant in Cyprus we have the best team and facilities. During your female hair transplant journey we are ensuring you to solve your problem and bringing back the joy with the hair you always have been looking for.

Do I Have to Shave My Head Before a Hair Transplant?

One of the most asked questions by female patients who are planning to undergo a female hair transplant surgery is whether a hair transplant can be performed without shaving. Although there is a technique where both the donor and the less-dense area are shaved, there is a second option in which only the donor area is shaved. Choi Pen DHI technique is a technique applied without the need of shaving the transplanted area. Instead of the application of a whole shaving, a partially shaving is performed. Women patients can easily cover the donor area with the remaining hair and continue their lives as they wish until the end of the recovery process.

Within the calm, serene environment of our Cyprus Hair, female hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia so that the operation is succeeded painless. A one day hair procedure can restore both your hair and your confidence!