implanting by tweezer

FUE hair transplantation is widely used thanks to its follicular unit extraction that does not leave scars after procedure. This method is applied with new and special medical tools, the hair follicle (graft) is transplanted from the dense place to the less dense area, and the healing process is both faster and easier compared to other methods. In addition, the FUE method is not considered to be surgical since no cutting is performed.

How Does FUE Hair Transplant Work?

Among other hair transplant methods, FUE is the easiest and the most risk-free one. It is the doctor’s decision to select the areas where the hair follicles are rare and dense. The hair in the dense area is shaved quite short and local anesthesia also known as regional numbing is applied in this area and then the transplant process is started.  In the FUE hair transplant technique, very small tools with special tips are used.  With the help of the special tools, grafts are taken without any harming thus(from donor site), without scar.  Afterwards, small incisions are created for the grafts and then the hair is placed into the incisions (recipient area)At the end, smooth hair transplant takes place.

Benefits FUE Hair Restoration

FUE hair transplantation is a very advantageous method. First of all, more hair follicles can be implanted on the bald area at once.  Therefore, an effective result can be observed in a short time.  About 6 to 9 months after this procedure, hair starts to grow in a healthy way.  In addition, the recovery time of the patients is faster than in the old method (FUT). Besides, there is no evidence of scars.  Right after the FUE procedure, the patients have the opportunity to return to their normal lives without staying at hospital.  As a result of local anesthesia, pain is avoided completely.  The FUE hair transplant procedure takes less time compared to other methods.  

To conclude, the FUE is the most preferred method recently and we are using the FUE method in Cyprus with more innovative ways to maximize results. We provide wide range techniques in FUE such as DHI, Sapphire incision and manual extraction.  Each technique is determined by the specialist depending on the patient’s circumstance.